The Chronicles of Boring

Tonight we watched Chronicles of Narnia: Prince whatever-his-name-was. I’ve just got to say that I’ve not been impressed with the Narnia movies. Admittedly, I never read the books as a kid. Though I did read the first book just before the first movie came out. So I don’t have fond childhood memories of wanting to go to Narnia and I do have a skewed adult perspective of Narnia through the lens of all that christian mythos and symbolism. But for a series of movies that have all the stuff I want in fantasy; centaurs, minotaurs, dwarves, satyrs, and a host of other humanoid critters. These two movies are just plain boring. I can’t relate to or have any sympathy for any of the characters, and just seeing cool special effects got old a while back. Now mind you, I’m not the target audience for these films and I’m not a big fan of the movies in general, but still, I expect more for my entertainment dollar.

I’m just sayin’. Later.