My Jobs

Hardee’s Restaurant
My first job. Spent a couple three weeks as a burger flipper and fry chef. Quit when I was scheduled to work three hours for the week.

Little Caesars Pizza
My uncle knew the manager. Worked as a pizza cook for a year and a half. Forced to quit because of declining school grades.

Farmer Jack Supermarket
I did the whole bagger, bottle return, cart chaser thing right after high school.

Great Lakes Beverage Company
During one of the beer strikes I was a can crusher and driver’s helper.

Norton Communication
Worked for Comcast as a subcontractor doing first cable TV installations and then laying cable in underground construction.

Star Carpet Cleaning
Residential and commercial carpet cleaner and supervisor of a two man crew using a granular dry cleaning system.

Sunshine Party Store
Spent a couple weeks as a convenience store clerk, working the register, watching the coffee pots, and reading adult magazines.

Nation Wide Security
Uniformed security guard. Boring. Quite when they assigned me to guard the Christmas train at the mall.

Mike’s Deck Building
Built decks & retaining walls with Mike, who stiffed me in the end to the tune of $800.

Did the whole floor associate, cashier thing.

McCarrick Handyman Services
Started my own business as an independent handyman for a condo association. Eventually they wrote my services out of the budget.

Nichols Heating & Cooling
Went to work for my uncle, different uncle this time. Started as a helper and worked my way up to a full fledged HVAC technician doing service, install, & new construction work. Six good years.

Mitch’s II Restaurant
A brief stint as a pizza cook

American Lumber Supply
Went to Florida and Grandma found me a job as a yard worker and delivery driver for the lumber company she worked at.

Firehouse Diner
Came back from Florida and became a short order cook.

Perry Drugs Warehouse
Spent time on the loading dock filling the trucks, moved to “non-conveyable’s” (stuff that didn’t go down the conveyor belt), and then to a position as staging controller (operator of the conveyor belt).

Thompson’s Plumbing Supply
Worked as stock clerk and floor help in a family business. Problem was, it wasn’t my family. Wasn’t a particularly good job.

Didn’t work here long, but I was a floor clerk

Hired in just after the WorldCom buyout. Started in the Operations NOC and advanced to the Telco Vendor Management group. They laid me off during the whole bankruptcy fiasco.

Hired back into WorldCom/MCI six months later for less money and crappier hours in the Customer Support NOC. Did my time and got moved to Customer Data Analysis. They laid me off that time too.

Nichols Heating and Cooling
I decided that I was done working in a cubicle after getting laid off twice and gaining way too much weight, so I went back to Nichols. Only now it wasn’t run by my uncle. Worked there while I went back to school and then for a short time afterward, until I was offered a better job.

Jones Lang LaSalle/JLL
Maintenance technician for a great big international real estate company. That’s where I am now.

I think that’s the whole list, but I’m getting old and I may have forgotten something.