About Me

Ronn 2017

I am Ronald Todd McCarrick, born 1968 (you do the math), but please just call me Ronn. I’ve lived my life in Michigan, and briefly in Florida. I attended Waterford schools and graduated from Waterford Mott High School in 1986. Then there was a brief period of community college that didn’t really amount to anything. I also went to Northwestern Tech for HVAC. So if I went to school with you, that’s where we were.  I’ve had lots of jobs, doing everything from short order cook to carpet cleaner to furnace repairman. I’ve been married three times and I have two boy’s from my first/third marriage. My first wife is now my third and I’m done at three.

arohen.com is one of my two websites and it’s the one dedicated to my meanderings, my podcast, and my videos. But it’s also a place where I can shout from my soapbox and perchance be heard. I talk about my life more than I should; my hobbies, my interests, my boring day-to-day shit, and maybe even my writing.

So that’s a little bit about me. You want to know more, read the blog. It’s all there.

eMail: arohen at arohen dot com
Instant Message: arohen on AIM, Google Talk, and Skype